Trace Minerals 10 Essential Revelations You Must See

Trace Minerals 10 Essential Revelations You Must See

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The BEST Plant Derived Major & Trace Minerals Supplement – 32 Flow Ounces of Plant Based Minerals – 100% Pure & Natural (Wildberry Pomegranate)

Although trace minerals are considered to be micro-nutrients, meaning we only need them in small amounts, they are by far too important to dismiss. Trace minerals are important for metabolic functions in the body. If trace minerals are deficient in the body, then other substances and enzymes will not work properly.

The Organa Mineral Drink is organic, derived from 100% plant material and is drinkable right from the bottle. Organa is better tasting than most drinks on the market and has no long aftertaste. Compared to 13 competing products, Organa has the most significant amount of “Brownian Movement” (one of the most bioactive in the industry). All enzymes and nutrient systems found naturally in the plant remain intact.

A deficiency in a major or trace mineral can lead to poor health and serious illness that affects numerous body systems.

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